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Zodiac Style Files: Leo Birthday Outfits For Your Little Girl!

Zodiac Style Files: Leo Birthday Outfits For Your Little Girl!

Do you think that dressing according to one’s zodiac is necessary?

Absolutely! It makes dressing up all the more fun and in tune with your personality as well.

Why not drape your little princesses in their favourite outfits that suit their zodiac signs?

Guess the zodiac

Their birthday falls between July 23rd and August 22nd and belongs to the Fire element. They tend to be warm, enthusiastic and so full of life. They are in charge of their own life and do not enjoy it when somebody tells them what to do. They are little boss-ladies. ‘’Born –free!’’ is the motto that this zodiac lives by. It’s easy to spot them in a room, as they are confident with a theatrical personality. They are also social butterflies who enjoy being in the spotlight.

Have you guessed yet?

Yes they are of course the 5th zodiac sign, Leo!

There is a list when it comes to the colours that bring out the best in them, be it orange, gold, yellow or red, they never fail to make a fashion statement.


Wouldn’t giving your tiny Leo princess a beautiful outfit in a colour that perfectly matches her zodiac be an amazing idea?!

If you are in a bit of a daze as to which colour would be the best choice, worry not! We have listed down a few traits and meaning to what each colour stands for. This should help you decide.

  1.     The colour of the blazing sun and also shares name with a fruit!

Orange is what truly represents Leos. It symbolizes enthusiasm and vibrancy with endurance. It is a healing and highly stimulating colour. Let this rich hue bring a boost of energy and power to your charismatic lioness.

  1.     For someone with the heart and personality of Gold

The overwhelming brilliance of gold gives off the impression of an unbeatable character, unattainable superiority and of royalty. All Leos are naturally attracted to this colour as it oozes power, strength, imagination and creativity. Feelings that she should definitely be feeling on her special day.  Go get that perfect golden outfit for her birthday!

  1.   RED- The colour of true power and strength

Wearing red, especially for a Leo, is only a reflection of their true personality. Red, just like Leos represent fire. Fire, an element so superior to any and worshipped by many. Leo wearing this colour would exuberate greatness and a leader of a personality who would be confident and brave. This colour definitely brings out the lioness in your cub.  

  1.   Shine bright like the Sun!

There is no better colour that represents positivity and happiness in itself like the colour yellow. Wearing yellow will increase the Sun qualities in your little one. It would make them radiate with their true, powerful aura. Pick out a cute looking outfit in yellow for your little one so she can have the best birthday in a colour so drawing and pleasing not just for her but for all who see her on her special day.

  1.   White! The colour of purity

White is a very simple yet a daunting colour especially when worn by a Leo. It is the colour of purity. Your little ones will surely be looking like little fairies clad in white. There are a wide range of outfits available in white, not just dresses and gowns.

 Foreverkidz, your go to shopping store for your little one

Find what suits your tiny Leo for her birthday from a vast range of outfits that fit in the above mentioned colour categories. Given that you now know what works for her according to her zodiac, you will have no trouble picking out the best from our collection of birthday wears for a true Leo.


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