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Handmade With Love: Discover the Summer-friendly Crochet Dresses for Little Girls Designed by ForeverKidz

Handmade With Love: Discover the Summer-friendly Crochet Dresses for Little Girls Designed by ForeverKidz

The youthful green of grass, the smell of blossoms, and the colorful sunshine of spring can only mean one thing, summer is just around the corner in India. With the season on the horizon, there have been renewed rumbles around summer crochet clothes for little girls, which are currently hot in fashion. 

In essence, crochet dresses are hand-crafted from yarn into various outfit components, according to different colors, shapes, patterns, and preferences or specifications. These types of outfits are particularly desirable by parents and their little ones because they have a certain sense of personality and authenticity that you just can’t find with other designs. They are modern and edgy, yet charming and cozy at the same time. 

The Benefits of Handmade Crochet Dresses

So why crochet dresses anyway? What makes them so special compared to other forms of wear for little girls? Well, crochet dresses afford a unique range of benefits in comparison, and here are three of the most important ones:

  • Quality
  • Designers usually put together a crochet dress for summer from an assortment of high-quality materials, which are friendly on the skin and highly durable. Some of the most popular fabrics used include: 

    ● Cotton
    ● Bamboo 
    ● Linen

    These have over the years been the staple of kids' fashion, due to the many positive qualities they bring to the table, including longevity and tactile quality. 

  • Uniqueness
  • Most clothes today are made through automated technology, and that means you have a lot of replica wear that looks exactly alike. With crochet dresses, no two dress designs can look precisely the same even if the designer intends to.  

    That’s because summer crochet clothes are handmade, each layer woven over the other, piece by piece in an intricate fashion. Hence, there’s no chance that one outfit will look exactly like the other. This guarantees your little angel can have an attire that’s: 

    ● Authentic
    ● Fresh and Different
    ● Extraordinary
    ● Charming and Bespoke

    If you’re tired of overworn fashion, a crochet lace summer dress gives your cutie pie a unique treasure piece she will adore for years. 

  • Comfort
  • Summer in India can hit as high as 40 °C, with May especially proven to be the hottest month as far as the Northern regions of the country go. In such high-degree weather, most clothes that kids wear can feel hot and uncomfortable. That’s where a crochet dress for summer becomes ideal. 

    Crochets can be a breath of fresh air. Due to a loose interlocking yarn design, these types of clothes are airy and porous, allowing for the free circulation of air. Hence, they make for great options for long-term wear during those hot summer days.

    Basic Crochet Stitches for Making Little Girls’ Dresses

    A lot goes into the equation for crochet designs for little girls' dresses. From practicality and safety to growth and appeal, there are quite a few factors that influence the end product. 

    Overall, some basic crochet stitches for making little girls’ dresses include the:

    ● Slip Stitch
    ● Treble Crochet Stitch
    ● Double Crochet Stitch
    ● Half Double Crochet Stitch
    ● Chain Stitch 
    ● Single Crochet Stitch 

    The chain stitch entails looping stitches into a chain-like sequence, while half double, double, and treble crochet stitches establish various layers and building blocks, with respectively increasing breadth. 

    Simple Crochet Dress Patterns of ForeverKidz 

    ForeverKidz offers a crochet corner where your little one can experiment and play with her patterns to discover her true self. You can find all-woven pieces from head to toe as well as disparate garment pieces that pair well with modern designs. Check these out:

  • Statement Crochet Tunic
  • Essentially a crochet lace summer dress, the statement crochet tunic makes a great first impression with its alternating blue and pink floral accents. This colorful tunic will add life to your little princess’s wardrobe and make her the star of any occasion. Plus, it's very low maintenance and looks amazing on any skin profile. 

  • Lavender Crochet Tutu Dress
  • Like the flower, the Lavender Crochet Tutu Dress is the epitome of love.  It features different layers of lavender, with a darker top flowing into a tutu frock. An over-the-shoulder bow lace stylishly completes a powerful look for your cupcake, ensuring a more confident and beautiful version of your daughter. This dress is perfect for formal events and even casual gatherings at kids’ parties.

  • Macrame Party Top 

  • It’s party time! The Macrame party top is perfect for those scorching days when the heat is just too much to bear. It is a shredded wrap top for little girls, with just enough color to provide excitement and complete a casual look. Handcrafted to ensure one-of-a-kind appeal,  this top offers a fun and casual look that’s especially ideal for warmer days. 

  • Limited Edition Crochet Jacket
  • This sleek crochet jacket gives off a little diva feel, and just a few iterations of it were ever made, making it a collector’s item as well. Its pink floral design is loose enough for summer comfort for your buttercup but retains a sassy vibe that’s bold and edgy. The Limited Edition Crochet Jacket is a solid crochet pattern with petal accents that your kiddo is sure to love.

  • Crochet Tutu Dress
  • A tutu dress with a crochet twist. This vibrant outfit dazzles in the sunshine with its yellow hues, which are beautifully toned down by white petals across its crochet top. Complete the look with a floral crochet band set to turn your little darling into an adorable bumblebee that spreads infectious joy wherever she goes. 

  • Selected Stripes Skirt
  • Intricately crocheted layers of red, orange, and grey offer a rainbow vibe to the Selected Stripes Skirt. It makes for a beautiful crochet summer dress pattern and proves an excellent choice for picnics and outdoor fun at large. With a rich dash of color and a minimalistic style, this skirt offers glamorous fashion for your sweetheart. 

  • Iconic Tassel Top set
  • Semi-formal and completely beautiful, the Iconic Tassel top set is a modern fashion choice for your little lady. The granny square pattern gives it character, and the highly breathable design will ensure comfort and style that beats the hot weather. Of course, spare a thought for an accessory such as a Sunshine Crochet Bag for an even more stunning look.

  • Not So Basic Patchwork Set
  • A crochet masterpiece of white-yellow petals on a blue backdrop. This says “I know my fashion and I’m not afraid to show it!” It is a simplistic yet gorgeous outfit that catches the eye with its patterns and authenticity, while the intricate design demonstrates love and dedication. 

  • Crochet Love Romper
  • For a squishy cutie who knows her style, the Crochet Love Romper is the best way to prove it. Charming bowtie accents on the shoulder laces, complete with a striking and matching baby bonnet, make this crochet a must-have for a young princess trying to establish her fashion sense. Plus, it’s an easy-wear outfit that opens from the bottom.  

    Beat the Heat and Still Look Great

    Summer can be hot, but that doesn’t mean your little girl’s fashion has to suffer. Embrace loose-flowing designs, prioritize natural fibers, and dabble in the new colors that summer crochet clothes provide. Keep your princess cool, while ensuring she looks cool too! Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize with a Crochet Style Hat for extra sun protection and style, as well as many other crochet accessories like bags and bandanas. Explore the ForeverKidz crochet corner now

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