Ultimate Guide to Your Kids’ Summer Wardrobe Collection

Ultimate Guide to Your Kids’ Summer Wardrobe Collection

With the summer season now taking over, we thought we’d put together some of the best summer dresses for baby girl families that will have your little one feeling and looking cool as well. Getting your sweetheart’s wardrobe summer-ready in preparation for the warm weather can be challenging. There are so many options to consider, and, moreover, the season can be hard to dress for given the surge in not just heat but humidity as well. But we have just the selections that will help you crack the summer code with ease. Even amid summer, these gorgeous outfits will keep up the class and style regardless of the rising temperatures. Take a look:

Juicy Mango Frock 

Light-colored with a loose-fitting design, the Juicy Mango Frock is an excellent summer dress for kids. Dark colors tend to absorb more heat, hence why this outfit is preferable due to its lighter hues that reflect some of that sweltering summer sunshine. 

Moreover, this dress looks stunning in the outdoors and is crafted to ensure maximum ease of movement and utmost coziness for your daughter. It’s as much practical as it is beautiful to the eye. 

Other amazing details about this summer dress include: 

● A balloon-feel dress style that ushers a simple happiness
● Loose net sleeves that help keep your baby girl cool
● An exquisite suspender-style dress that feels modern vintage

What’s not to love about the Juicy Mango Frock? Its mustard backdrop ties in with the blossoms of the season while the design creases give the outfit an edgy feel. Pair this wonderful dress with a matching hair bow or a light summer hat to make it even more summer spectacular. 

Flamingo Fringe Dress 

Fringe dresses are always in trend in the summer. As families ditch unformattable jeans and other cold season wear, these types of dresses become more appealing due to the breathability they afford as well as the unique style and charisma that they bring to the table. 

Make your darling’s wardrobe summer ready with the Flamingo Fringe Dress, a creative outfit that will turn your little one into an adorable summer bunny.  The colorful dangling threads will look gorgeous in the wind or as she twirls, offering a look that’s out-of-the-box yet super cozy and cute at the same time. 

Here’s what else you’ll love about the outfit: 

● A simple and classy straight-cut dress that’s cool in more ways than one
● Stunning red and blue threads that drip down from the neckline
● Beautiful pink cotton satin that brings out the feminine aura in your little lady

This dress is meant to be paired with a lovely summer crochet cap that completes the style while adding a bit more swagger to the outfit. 

Blossom Breeze Tutu Dress 

Blossoms are the flowers of the season. This outfit taps into the summer magic all around us, capturing the elegance and appeal of one of the season’s most famous flowers. It is a beautiful nod to nature and will give your little sunshine the allure of a Disney princess. 

Eventful, stunning, and so beautiful that it seems right out of a storybook, the Blossom Breeze Tutu Dress makes for an excellent summer gift for your little Missy. She’d look prettier than ever in an outfit that’s simply unforgettable. 

Here’s why we absolutely love this dress: 

● Impressive raised waistline with floral finishes along the edge
● Big and beautiful stripes of pink and blue
● Cute over-the-shoulder strap finish

The Blossom Breeze Tutu Dress truly makes your little girl’s fashion sense come alive. Its vibrant summery colors and fluff undoubtedly makes it a seasonal favorite. 

Misty Lighthouse Shirt Dress 

A shirtdress is always an excellent choice for warm weather and sunny days. They are relaxing and can soften body lines in a way that makes your cupcake look stunning and fashion-conscious. Moreover, shirt dresses never go out of style so you have an outfit that can serve your munchkin for many more summers to come.

The Misty Lighthouse Shirt Dress, in particular, is easily one of the best summer dresses for baby girl children. It’s not like your typical shirtdress as it features a unique and fluffy raincoat-like exterior with other distinct details that make it even more outstanding. 

Here’s a more complete picture of what to expect with this outfit: 

● An organza shirt dress that’s soft to the touch
● Premium taffeta tunic exterior that adds character to the dress
● Vibrant colors that capture the feel of the season

Despite its multi-layered design, the Misty Lighthouse Shirt is very summery and cozy thanks to its ultra-light and loose tunic covering that makes it super airy. Your princess will look amazing while still being able to play in the outdoors without overly heating up.

Plum Luxury Party Gown

Plum fruits are in-season during summertime, and so too is this fruit-inspired gown that’s perfect as summer evening wear for formal occasions. If your family will be celebrating a birthday or some other special event, the Plum Luxury Gown is the summer dress for kids to get your little angel. 

With a fairytale princess feel to it, this outfit will make your honeybun’s fantasies come true. It is a highly imaginative and creative fashion masterpiece, designed to help your loved one steal the spot and win all the attention while walking down isles, runways, and entrances. 

Key highlights that you’re sure to love about the Plum Luxury Party Gown:

● Clouds of ruffles across the hemline which add an even more royal vibe
● Shiny fabric belt that makes the look extremely glamorous
● Fluffy straps that complete a beautiful sleeveless design

The Plum Luxury Party Gown is truly fit for a princess. And thus it’s important to round out the look with a symbolic head accessory such as a tiara, fascinator, or headband. Have your pick of more classy head accessories for this outfit on the ForeverKidz store. 

Candycane Net Frock 

Drawing lots of inspiration from the traditional candy cane, this outfit is a combination of delightful fashion flavors. Its an outgoing baby girl gress that taps into the beauty of candy to elevate your munchkin’s appeal. 

Summer is unofficially candy season, making the Candy Cane Net Frock a solid option if you want to go for a look that is in keeping with the times. Its minimalistic design also allows for air flow, ensuring maximum comfort for your little one even as temperatures soar. 

Key highlights of this delicious frock include: 

● Delightful wavy patterns that beautify the top
● Nice use of colors culminating in a lovely pink dress
● A charming white collar that makes the look pop even more

Fashion treats rarely come any better than the Candycane Net Frock, a flavorful outfit that’s designed with a lot of care and creativity. 

Wonder Stipes Playsuit 

Playful baby girls and jumpsuits are also a match made in heaven, more so on warmer days of the year. Jumpsuits are a summer must-have as they are typically easy to stretch and very breathable, making them ideal for hard play in the summer sunshine. 

The Wonder Stripes Playsuit makes for a particularly ideal summer wear, as it uses fabric conservatively to ensure lots of exposure to help keep your munchkin cool in the heat of the season. 

Your sweetheart will look gorgeous in this playsuit, which is highly desirable for the following qualities: 

● Cozy and stylish off-shoulder top
● Beautiful contrasting strip prints
● A short-style jumpsuit that’s trendy and airy

As a styling tip, we recommend finishing off the look with the matching Chic Style Bandana Banda from ForeverKidz.  

The ForeverKidz Summer Sale; Sizzle with Style!

Summer is here and ForeverKidz is super ready for it. Build your summer dresses for baby girl wardrobe with our lineup of summer-friendly wear, designed to beat the heat, handle the extra pressure of summer activities and all the while still keep your loved one looking cool and fantastic. From formal summer dresses to more casual yet still stylish outfits, our collection has something for everyone this summer s to help your family make the most of the beautiful outdoors. Explore the ForeverKidz store now to awaken your passion with summer fashion that’s always on point.
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