Choose Ethnic Wear for Little Girls

How to Style Your Lil Girl with Ethnic Wear?

How to Style Your Lil Girl with Ethnic Wear?

India has such a rich and expansive culture when it comes to heritage as pertains to fashion. While modernity has seen an increased preference towards more contemporary, Western options, ethnic wear still reserves a special place in the hearts of many. These ethnic dresses for girls that we’ve put together today pay homage to our long-standing values, honoring centuries-old traditions while still making your sweetie pie look beautiful, respectable, and glamorous. They are comfortable and also great for when your family needs to attend festivals and other traditional commemorations. Without further ado, here are our top suggestions for ethnic wear for your little honey bun: 

Mughal Style Suit – Pair it with golden juttis

The Mughal Empire is famous for many positive accomplishments during its reign, most notably the Taj Mahal. But this architectural marvel wasn’t our only impressive heritage from this era. Vintage fashion wear such as the Mughal Style suit is also one more gem that has been passed down over the centuries from the times of the Mughal Empire

Your angel can now don the historic attire of royalty by way of the Mughal Style Suit, which is perfect for formal occasions, laid-back outings, and everything in between. 

A closer look at the garment reveals the following impressive features: 

• Charming golden lacework 

• Soft velvet fabric that’s super gentle on the skin 

• An enchanting emerald green monochrome style

We recommend pairing this outfit with some adorable golden juttis, or some other ethnic shoes, for an even more spectacular royal finish. 

Hippie Nest Flared Kurta Set- Goes well with a Boho sling bag

The kurta has long been the fashion staple of many Indian homes for generations. Now, the Hippie Nest Flared Kurta Set takes this classic Indian ware and revitalizes it with a touch of bohemian flare. 

If you’re tired of everyday kurta and want something special for your little girl to rock for your next party, this is the outfit for her. 

So what’s so special about the Hippie Nest Flared Kurta Set? Here’s what carves it apart from the rest: 

• Electric sleeves and top patterns that break the black monotony 

• Alluring shape detailing along the hem of the kurta

• A multicolored layout that’s beautifully authentic 

This pretty outfit will have your princess looking so gorgeous that she be the center of attraction at your next festival. Combine it with a Boho Sling bad for maximum cuteness

Boho with a Twist Lehenga- Great for festivals

The boho style of fashion advocates for freedom. It allows creative expressivity that isn’t confined to any rules or norms. Instead, it preaches the courage to explore fashion in many beautiful and glamorous ways. 

Fusing the best of traditionalism and the bohemian way of fashion, the Boho with a Twist Lehenga is the beautiful reimagination of conventional ware to fit the needs of the modern generation. 

Here’s why it is among the best ethnic dresses for girls: 

• Tassels on the shirt collar that add gorgeous detail

• Fiery red satin top that livens up the lehenga half 

• Dotted brocade design that adds icing on the cake

Your little muffin will turn heads with the Boho with a Twist Lehenga, another marvelous addition to your wardrobe in terms of festival fashion.

Gypsy Vibes Harem Set- Accessorize with a Bandana Boho

It is the dream of many little girls to experience the lifestyle of being a gypsy. With tons in the way of inspiration from famous gypsies from fairytales such as Aladdin, it’s understandable why little girls would want to look and waltz-like their cartoon heroes.

Well, it no longer has to remain a dream for your marshmallow. Tap into the Gypsey spirit with the Gypsey Vibes Harem set, which wins plaudits with its: 

• Lovely emerald harem for a classic, traditional look 

• Vibrant top that captures the magic of the Gypsey 

• Multi-hued boho belt with colorful quotes 

The Gysepy Vibes Harm Set is the embodiment of female power, and you may want to amplify its appeal with a matching Bandana Boho. 

The scent of Boho Frilly Saree- Pair it with the Sunshine Crochet Bag

The history of the Saree dates back to between 2800 and 1800 BCE, and it is a piece of attire that has become a representation of Indian heritage across the globe. Today, it’s most popularly worn by natives as well as foreigners looking to appreciate girls ethnic wear that has been around for millennia. 

But wearing a saree doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The Scent of Boho Frilly Saree transforms this conventional girl, with a splash of color and detail as follows: 

• Sunflower color scheme that adds a feel-good factor to the outfit

• White blouse pairing that glamorously layers the Saree, culminating into a beautiful bow tie on the back

• Silver hem and edges to further accentuate the look

• Gorgeous saree waist belt that matches the silver 

Put together from lightweight Georgette, is as comfortable and breathable as it is jaw-dropping. Get the Sunshine Crochet Bag from ForeverKidz to complement the outfit.

Royal Kingri Suit Set – Finish it off with a hair accessory

There’s just something about little girls and gorgeous suits. These two were simply a match made in heaven. If you’re keen on high-profile or formal ethnic wear for girls, the Royal Kingri Suit Set makes the most powerful fashion statement.  

The Kingri is quite a commonplace attire across various types of ceremonies in India. However, there’s nothing common about this spectacular set which has been reimagined with a spice of modern influence. 

Some great details we adore about this outfit include: 

• Pleasing mesh accessory that gives the set more dimension

• Navy blue taffeta silk that’s graceful from top to bottom

• Kingri lacework accents for chic finesse 

Another great thing about the Royal Kingri Suit Set is it comes with a delightful complimentary hair accessory as well. 

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