A Complete Fashion Style Guide for Your Little Girl

A Complete Fashion Style Guide for Your Little Girl

Playing dress up with your sweetheart is the most fun endeavor ever. If you have no idea how to pair outfits to bring out her natural cuteness, or what colors go well with what, our infographic has plenty of ideas that could teach you a thing or two. We’ll mix it up with fashion, comfort, and style as we also explore glam outfits for formal events and laid-back occasions alike. 

 Keeping it Cute and Simple

If you or your daughter are not fans of overelaborate wear that’s shouting, go for these simple yet adorable outfits that are modest but elegant:

Shizuoka Love Dress
Neon Pink Fashion Jacket
Smile It Puffer Jacket 
Bluebell Beauty Dress
Nightingale love dress

Pulling off the Modern Princess Look

Is your honeybun into fairytales and magical fantasies? There’s still much to work with here. Turn your little girl into magic with an outright princess dress, or keep it simple with a minimalist outfit: 

● Coral Queen Organza Gown
● Violet Toffee Gown
● Lavender Dew Drops Gown
● Unicorns Dreams Party Gown
● Iceyland Princess Dress 

For the Little Corporate Fashionista

Your daughter may be too young to have a job, but she can still pull off classy formal wear for birthday parties and formal events where you want to make a serious impression. Here’s what we recommend: 

● NYC Fashion Set
● Play In Velvet Dress (With Cap)
● Turkish Fashion Velvet Suit
● Parisian Feast Skirt Set
● Scottish Fashion Dress Set 

Rocking the Boho Look 

Throw out the rule book and go for carefree layers without the need for structure. The best part about going Bohemian is that you can never go wrong, as you only need to let your heart and creativity take the wheel. Some great Boho options from ForeverKidz include: 

● Gypsey Vibes Harem Set
● Boho with a Twist Lehenga
● Boho Joy Kurta Dress
● Boho Valley 3 Pcs Set
● Hippie Nest Flared Kurta Set 

A Commemoration of Heritage

Traditional Indian dressing has become iconic worldwide. If you’re looking for outfits that blend our rich culture with a little modern twist to stay ahead of the times, check these out: 

● Scent of Boho Frilly Saree
● Iris Blue Ruffled Saree
● Peony Pink Ruffled Saree
● Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

Lining Up the Train

Walking down red carpets is about to get a lot more interesting for your little fashionista. Train or tail dresses are a great way to add a majestic tone to any gown, and here are a few suggestions we have for you: 

● Berry Glam Tail Dress
● Coral Blush Tail Dress
● Bubblegum Candy Tail Dress
● Dusty Flower Girl Dress with Tail
● Ramp Glam Tail Dress

Make Every Day a Runway With ForeverKidz

Your little princess deserves nothing but the best. So shop at ForeverKidz to tap into the latest fashion trends that rule the little girl fashion world. There are many fun patterns at your disposal, and distinct designs to make her outstanding. There are even gorgeous twinning outfits to choose from if you’d like to rock a cute matchy look with your mini-me and be part of the action. 

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