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Handmade With Love: Discover the Summer-friendly Crochet Dresses for Little Girls Designed by ForeverKidz

The youthful green of grass, the smell of blossoms, and the colorful sunshine of spring can only mean one thing, summer is just around the corner in India. With the season on the horizon, there have been renewed rumbles around summer crochet clothes for little girls, which are currently hot in fashion.  In essence, crochet dresses are hand-crafted from yarn into various outfit components, according to different colors, shapes, patterns, and preferences or specifications. These types of outfits are particularly desirable by parents and their little ones because they have a certain sense of personality and authenticity that you just can’t find with other designs. They are modern and edgy, yet charming and cozy at the same time.  The Benefits...

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How to style your kids for different occasions!

How to style your kids for different occasions. Styling your kids for different occasions can be a super fun, enjoyable and creative way to express their personality and make them feel super confident. Whether its a family occasion or a birthday, a friend’s party or a playdate, date with your mom/dad or first day in your school there are a lot of ideas that one can use to style their kids to create a lasting impression. Some important tips on how to style your kids for different occasions are as follows: 1. Formal occasions: This would primarily be occasions like weddings, family get togethers, fancy dinners dress your little stars in a semi formal or formal look which would include a...

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A step-by-step guide for Choosing the Perfect Theme Dresses

When it comes to choosing theme dresses for little girls, it helps to match the theme of the day with a concept that piques their interest. If you’re not sure how to go about it, we’ve cooked up some adorable birthday party theme tips & ideas to rock any occasion.   Choosing theme dresses by color Here are a few important pointers for finding the best hues:  ● Implore your child’s favorite character● Match attire to skin undertones● Go with bright hues for joyous events● Use neutrals for somber occasions What to consider for fabric A few elements to pay attention to when picking out theme dresses with the right fabric entail:  ● Ease of cleaning ● Comfort or breathability ●...

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How to Style Your Lil Girl with Ethnic Wear?

How to Style Your Lil Girl with Ethnic Wear? India has such a rich and expansive culture when it comes to heritage as pertains to fashion. While modernity has seen an increased preference towards more contemporary, Western options, ethnic wear still reserves a special place in the hearts of many. These ethnic dresses for girls that we’ve put together today pay homage to our long-standing values, honoring centuries-old traditions while still making your sweetie pie look beautiful, respectable, and glamorous. They are comfortable and also great for when your family needs to attend festivals and other traditional commemorations. Without further ado, here are our top suggestions for ethnic wear for your little honey bun:  Mughal Style Suit – Pair it...

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Love is in the Air: How to dress up your Kid in the month of love?

The month of love is now firmly in our sights, and that means it’s time to start racking up our brains over the best gifts for our loved ones. So what would make a perfect present for your little sweetheart? If you’re coming up empty on ideas for your most precious person, we have just the thing: a strategic selection of clothes that are just the perfect embodiment of love. These outfits are an excellent way to show your little ones that they are loved. Not to mention they look undeniably adorable so much so that your angel will be the envy of her peers:  Red Carpet dress Red has become the epitome of love, as far as colors for...

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