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Know how to choose the best style for boys

Know how to choose the best style for boys Building a sense of style starts at a young age. Parents are indeed the first fashion stylists that a child encounters in their life. The daunting question for parents is whether they are capable of doing this effortlessly. In today’s market, designer clothes are trending like wildfire. Nevertheless, the Indian market faces a deficiency when it comes to children’s clothing. This is true especially in the case of party wear clothes for boys. Parents are often left with limited options and end up buying casual outfits that look like any other ordinary day. ForeverKidz is here to change this concept altogether. We have some amazing party wear dresses for boys that...

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How To Choose Little One’s First Birthday Outfit?

The most exciting part of parenting is dressing up your little ones for their first birthday. There is nothing more attractive and appealing for a mom than planning and celebrating a baby’s first birthday. At a kid’s birthday party, the focus lies on picking the First Birthday Dress for your baby. Every parent wants their adorable kid to look the best on such a special occasion. Adults have a lot of outfits to try then why can’t babies? You can go for something trendy and new instead of some regular outfits on their special day. When you are planning a party, the first question is ‘From where to start?’ The decorations, cake, gifts, guests, and most importantly, the cutest first...

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Choose Cutest First Birthday Outfits For Your Baby Boy

Every day is a gift, but birthdays make up a special day, especially for your little ones, so you can't let the day waste. 1-year-old kiddos don't have fashion sense, of course, but it does matter that the memories they make should stay with them for a lifetime. Birthdays are the perfect time of life to dress your little bub your way and have a bashing party. Remember your childhood when your birthday was the time, you were eagerly waiting for and inspired about wearing 'Birthday Dress' to the school?? You do, right?? That too it's your kids' first birthday, it is a must to have a memorable First Birthday Outfit. Whether your little one is one, seven, or sweet...

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Best Summer Playtime Outfits for Your Baby Girl

Summers are the best time of the season when kids can be free. Summer and summer fashion gives you nothing to worry about Rasna, mangoes, ice cream, playtimes, summer vacations (except some hot days). This time calls for some trendy fashion for your kids' playtime when they can enjoy their best. So, let's check out a few playtime outfits for your tiny tots that are comfortable and highlight your kids' features. Playtime Outfits for Girls: Be Comfortable With Cotton Dress:  A classic cotton frock is best in summers. As opposed to body-hugging clothes, frills or layers will float in the air and give the best summer look. You can go for pastel colors.  Pairing it up with a cute pair...

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Adorable First Birthday Outfits For Tiny Tots

One of the most exciting events in a mother's life is her kid's first birthday. As it is coming, moms get messed up with all preparations. Catering- Check Decorations- Check Mouth-Watering Cake- Check First Birthday Outfit- What About That? Amid the entire preparation list, how can you forget the most important part of the day, the cutest dress for your munchkin? Since it's a special day for your bundle of joy, it is you who have to look out that he or she looks the best. Make everyone gush over how your little birthday star is shining like a star. Personalized Family Outfit: Selecting a personalized family outfit for your adored kid is sure to make the day perfect! Add...

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