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Kids Fashionable Outfit Ideas On This Navratri Occasion

Navratri - the nine days and nights of worship and celebration is a festival awaited with great anticipation, each year in India. This festival is marked by worship of 9 forms of Goddess Durga, for 9 days and follows Dussehra on the 10th day. It is celebrated eagerly and with great enthusiasm by people all over the country irrespective of their region.  The 9 days of fun and frolic starting from dandiya- garba events to pandal hopping and ram leela watching, each of these days call for decking up in the best. It isn’t quite right that parents don their ethnic best and the kids get stuck with jeans and frocks even when there are stylish kids clothes and trendy...

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Reliable Tips for purchasing Kids Clothes Online

No kidding, it’s a serious business to buy kids clothes online. The local malls and shops just aren’t enough as parents are eager to explore more varieties by shifting their search for kids' clothes online in India. While searching for a good outfit parents go through a mind boggling exercise because of the numerous things that they need to consider while purchasing cute and fashionable clothes for their little ones. From colors, to sizes, to design, to season and occasion, parents have surely mastered the art of online shopping. As a Parent, we know you are smart and cautious enough to pay attention to details which demand attention and make the best use of your money. Therefore we aren’t listing...

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How To Choose The Right Dresses For Your Girls According To The Occasion

Weddings, birthday parties, ceremonies, festivals, or a casual day out— all these occasions differ from each other in terms of environment, venue, vibe and most importantly a specific attire. If you thought that only adults need to dress occasion specific and kids could just be made to wear anything off the closet, you probably aren’t a parent to a gen-next kid. Kids today are much more aware of our cultural scenario and the do’s and don'ts of a particular situation. You can’t just convince them to wear as you wish as they want to look as appropriate as you for every event they are attending.  Though kids look cute in every attire, there are certain dresses which look most favourable...

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Here’s why a Lehenga Choli is the best traditional Outfit For your Kids

The Lehenga Choli commonly known as Lehenga, is a three-piece Indian attire which is a famous choice of people for most traditional occasions. It comprises lehenga, which is a long Indian skirt with a big flare, a choli or blouse as an upper garment and a dupatta that acts as a pallu and can be draped in different ways to complete the look. Lehenga is usually worn on ceremonial occasions, festivals and weddings. It generally comes in embroidered, printed or embellished patterns and styles.  Though it was initially worn only by big girls or adult women, the transformation in kids fashion has made it a popular option for the adorable little ones, who look even cuter in an ethnic outfit....

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Choosing the Best Party Dresses for Your kid Has Never Been Easier

It’s quite a struggle to buy something for kids as they have their own silent preferences which the parents might not know. However, what someone swishes a magic wand and presents to you, a variety of options, that your kids are sure to love? It would be quite relieving and a lovely gesture, isn’t it? Well, we at Foreverkidz are the magicians who aim to fulfill all your wishes for best party dresses for kids. Every child is unique not only in their outlook and appearance but also their inner personalities, tastes and references. These preferences are mainly altered by their gender, such as different outfits for boys and girls. But apart from this, they may have intra-gender choices in...

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