Ruffle Party dress

  Step up the Party game with layered Ruffle Gowns for Baby GirlsA ruffle dress/gown that adds layers to a kid’s stylish personality is a party favourite with moms looking for birthday dresses for girls online. Truly, nothing can match the style and silhouette of a ruffled delight that transforms your baby girl into a dainty diva. There’s no party, a ruffled gown cannot handle! This pretty outfit makes for a perfect pattern to fit in any occasion be it a birthday or a wedding. Your child’s wardrobe ought to have a collection of these intricately designed outfits color coordinated for every celebration and Foreverkidz accomplishes this desire by bringing you tempting variations to choose from. Dusty Flower Dress with...

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What Should Your Daughter Wear for Rakhi?

Rakhi has always been a special occasion to make sibling bonds stronger. Right from getting packets of sweets to the right gifts, catering to especially the clothes. Doesn’t really matter if the Rakhi  is being celebrated at home or at a venue, looking your best will always be a top priority. Now when you are going for that perfect outfit yourself for the Rakhi season, how can you not dress up your little girl for the occasion? You obviously would want to doll her up and make her look the best but that is where the confusion creeps in, what should she wear? To help you achieve that perfect look for your daughter, we have listed a few suggestions for...

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Zodiac Style Files: Leo Birthday Outfits For Your Little Girl!

Do you think that dressing according to one’s zodiac is necessary? Absolutely! It makes dressing up all the more fun and in tune with your personality as well. Why not drape your little princesses in their favourite outfits that suit their zodiac signs? Guess the zodiac Their birthday falls between July 23rd and August 22nd and belongs to the Fire element. They tend to be warm, enthusiastic and so full of life. They are in charge of their own life and do not enjoy it when somebody tells them what to do. They are little boss-ladies. ‘’Born –free!’’ is the motto that this zodiac lives by. It’s easy to spot them in a room, as they are confident with a...

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Your Little One will look like a Diva in these Modern Party Outfits

"Your Little One will look like a Diva in these Modern Party Outfits." Status, personality, nature, and almost everything are judged based on our clothing style. These days considering loads of clothing varieties flocking the market, shopping can seem confusing for many of us. Particularly the chore of shopping for our kiddos is cumbersome at times. When shopping for our little ones, we become more considerate and mindful. One very significant aspect to stay wary about while shopping for the little ones is that the fabric should be comfortable and breathable. It's a bigger task to find outfits that are a combo of style and comfort for our kids. Every parent considers their children as their biggest asset, and therefore...

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3 Princess Outfits for your Baby girl

Our apparel and attire are given more importance in the present-day world than we could have ever comprehended. They have become an integral part of a person’s personality and are often a very important criterion based on which we form an opinion about someone. In addition, society considers our clothes to reflect our culture, etiquettes, beliefs, and ideologies. Hence people lay greater emphasis upon selecting the right outfit for every occasion.  No wonder shopping in today’s era can seem to be a tedious and overwhelming task to perform.  What is the scenario generally when you have to shop for your little ones? The parameters of selecting clothes for kids are slightly different. The comfort of the fabric is given primary...

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