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Yellow Pop Jumpsuit

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* For Indian Pincodes only

Wearing bold colors as yellow can be totally meant for standing out. This striking jumpsuit for girls can be the best pick for the style star and she ends up making a head-turning fashion statement this season. 

With a solid color covering from top to bottom, the stylish girls smart wear features ruffles on the sides of the top with a comfortable fit bottom. The shoulder straps are flat and thick making the girls smart wear perfect for the different seasons. On the back, the crepe fabric is stitched together with elastic in order to make the girls jumpsuit fit perfectly on the body.
Comfort is the key in this outfit and you can make your princess wear it wherever she wants to with the right accessories.
Fabric: Crepe for the fall we need
Style tips: With a broad elastic printed headband, you can complete her look. As footwear, peep toes would be best or at least kitten heels.
Girls Jumpsuit
Age Grp/inches Chest Length  
1-2 years 17 28  
2-3 years 18 29  
3-4 years 19 29.5  
4-5 years 20 30.5  
5-6 years 20.5 31.5  
6-7 years 22 32.5  
7-8 Years 24 33.5  
8-9 Years 25 34.5  
9-10 Years 25.5 35.5  
10-11 Years 26 36.5  
Sizes may vary from child to child and there may be small variation in finished product

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